Spa Accessories: Work Out In Water

wet bellsAs we head into the New Year, we begin to think about how we spent the last year, especially the last month or so tasting all the great foods that are available during the holiday season!

Diet and exercise are definitely on everyone’s mind when January rolls around.

Did you know that you can accomplish many of your exercise goals in your own spa, at home?

And that working out in your spa is surprisingly effective?

Exercising in water has multiple health benefits:

  • Water provides more resistance than air when exercising.
  • Exercising in water can burn several hundred calories an hour.
  • Water exercise is low impact and easier on your joints.
  • Warm water can ease stiffness and pain.
  • Spa jet nozzles can massage the body and relax muscles.
  • Balance is easier to maintain in the water, especially important for people who are at risk of falling.
  • When you exercise in your own spa, you have privacy and discretion.

Our Wet Bells are the perfect accessory to bring to your hot tub. Lightweight, easy to grip, and durable, they are built specifically for the water.

Sold in pairs, the Wet Bells are appropriate for either men or women and provde the right amount of resistance for strengthening and improving your muscle tone. Wet Bells are appropriate for aerobic exercising, rehabilitation, enhancing stamina, building muscles, physical therapy and weight loss programs

Check out our spa accessories page to order your set of Wet Bells and get those New Year’s resolutions going as soon as possible – from the comfort of your own spa.

We are here to help you make your spa the best place on earth! Feel free to contact us for questions or more information. We are always happy to hear from you.

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