Perhaps you’ve heard of the term spa ozonator, but are not exactly clear what it is. Spa ozonators are hot tub parts that add ozone to the spa water.

Ozone, also known as O3, is active oxygen. It is a naturally occurring part of the earth’s atmosphere – “nature’s natural purifier” – and helps protect us from harmful sunrays. Moreover, it kills bacteria and viruses found in water. In fact, 90% of bottle water is ozone sanitized. It also works well as a spa sanitizer.

Spa Ozonators Described 

An ozonator is an electric-powered device that you need to run at least six hours a day to get the best results. While it does not eliminate the need to use chemical sanitizers, it can greatly improve their effectiveness.

What a spa ozonator does is to replicate the ozone that naturally occurs in nature. Because of this, it can:

  • Improve the quality of your hot tub water
  • Reduce the need for chemical sanitizers (up to 35%)
  • Help chemical sanitizers work more efficiently
  • Reduce maintenance time and cost
  • Reduce odors

Ozone works by oxidizing unwanted spa contaminants through a chemical reaction that gives off a pure oxygen by-product. Experts say that ozone oxidizes unwanted bacteria and viruses up to 3,000 times faster than chemical sanitizers do.

Ozone Safety

Because ozone is pure oxygen, an excessive amount can irritate your lungs by reacting to the cells in your body the same way it reacts to bacteria. Avoid inhaling concentrated ozone gas, especially if you have asthma or other respiratory problems. However, the amount of ozone produced by a hot tub ozonator is minor when compared to the normal atmosphere.

Spa ozonators are one of those hot tub parts that frequently come standard. However, if your spa does not have one, you can choose to add it later. And if you need help with your questions or choosing the right ozonator for your hot tub, we’re glad to help.

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