Hot Tub JetsHas your hot tub’s air blower stopped functioning altogether? Perhaps it works intermittently or is making a disturbing sound. Should that be the case, a few repairs and replacement hot tub parts may get your hot tub’s water bubbling again. However, before you pick up the phone and call a hot tub repair service, head on over to your property’s electrical panel. While there, take a quick look to ensure that you haven’t tripped a circuit breaker. If the electrical panel appears to be in order, turn off the power to the hot tub.

Next, head back to the hot tub and examine the area around the air blower. The air blower problem that you’re experiencing may be due to debris, a disconnected valve or loose wiring. So take a good look at all of the hot tub air blower’s external parts and connections. If the area turns out to be debris free and everything appears to be connected, you may need to order those replacement hot tub parts that we talked about earlier.

There are various parts that are used in a hot tub air blower system. The list includes blower motors, check valves and air blowers. To determine which replacement hot tub parts are needed, locate the existing air blower’s name plate. It should contain all of the pertinent details that you’ll need to make a purchasing decision.

Depending on how many hot tub replacement parts are needed, you may find it more convenient to just replace the entire system. Oftentimes, when the air blower is no longer energy efficient, total replacement is best option as well. If you are unsure whether or not to scrap the whole air blower set-up or just a few parts, consider contacting us toll-free at (888) 251-6661. We can go over the various options with you and provide details about each replacement hot tub part.

One Response to “Replacement Air Blower Can Get Your Unit’s Water Bubbling Again”

  1. Jerry Taylor says:

    I have a gray Sundance Capri spa indoors. It was installed around 1996. The cover needs replacing along with other things. It is the original. I don’t need straps.

    1. I also wonder what the value is for the skirt. Should I get a custom without one?

    2. Also can the suction cups for the pillows be ordered separate? They are 421 and 422 pillows.

    3. Blower is not working. I have not determined if it is the control board or the actual blower. Roughly how much is a blower? Equipment is outside on a ballot.

    4. Is there a prefilter for the C-7466 or is there no value?

    Jerry Taylor
    315 Mesquite Ave
    Ridgecrest, CA

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