Hot Tub Ozonators Benefit You and Your Spa

MCD50The word “ozone” often elicits thoughts of the layer in the Earth’s atmosphere eroding away from man-made greenhouse gases. However, when it comes to hot tubs, ozone is the good guy, helping to destroy bacteria, viruses, algae, and yeasts that could not only make you sick, but shorten the life of spa components. A specially installed hot tub ozonator can be used to naturally sanitize water safely and easily. In fact, because of its superior sanitizing quality, hot tub manufacturers are including built-in ozonators to reduce the amounts of chlorine and bromine needed to keep the spa water germ-free. By reducing these chemicals, there are less odors, skin irritations, and even less bathing suit fading.

There are three main types of ozonators that can be used in hot tubs which produce ozone in different ways to battle bacteria:

Ultraviolet- These were the first systems to be used in hot tubs but are still popular today. The ultraviolet radiation prevents organisms from reproducing and attacks bacteria on a genetic level.

Corona Discharge (CD)- CD ozonators are the most energy efficient method to produce ozone. They require little electricity and run at lower temperatures. They create ozone by using electrical charges to split oxygen atoms

Three Vessel: These ozonators are the safest and most powerful types that produce more than eight times the ozone per hour than standard ozonators. Since it has a built-in degasser system capable of eliminating 100% of harmful gasses, it is the only type safest for indoor use.

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