It’s mid-winter and you happen to live in a rather mild climate or your spa sits in an area protected from the elements, so you occasionally find yourself enjoying a dip. Do you have the proper hot tub accessories to keep your spa sparkling?

Don’t Drain Your Spa, Set Your Controls

You have three options in the winter: drain your spa and winterize it, activate your freeze protection system, or set your timer switch to cycle on at frequent intervals to prevent freezing. This may mean you’ll need to cycle on at least 15 minutes of every hour. However, if you use your spa daily, you may want to opt for maintaining a constant temperature.

Use Air Jets Only as Needed

Air jets increase energy consumption because they inject cold air into the hot spa water. So make sure to put them in the off position when you’re not using your hot tub.

Replace Worn-Out Spa Covers

Worn-out spa covers cost more in lost energy than the benefit they provide. Be sure to replace waterlogged, deteriorated covers and save yourself money or apply a protectant if your cover is still in good condition.

For additional energy savings, you might consider adding a thermal blanket. They reduce evaporation and thereby lower heat loss. Plus they help keep moisture buildup on the inside of your spa cover to a minimum, extending its life.

Get a Floating Duck or Dolphin

Make sure your spa heater functions properly by monitoring the water temperature with a thermometer. Do it the cute and fun way with a floating duck, dolphin or whale, or get a nice remote digital thermometer which allow wireless monitoring.

Don’t Skimp on the Woodwork

The winter elements – sun, rain snow, wind – can wear on the outside of your spa. A protectant is an inexpensive and easy investment. And it will give you peace of mind knowing your woodwork is protected.

One final way you may want to help protect your hot tub from the elements is to add a spa umbrella.

However you choose to care for your hot tub or spa, make sure you are using the proper hot tub accessories this winter. And if you have questions, ask us. We’re here to help.

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