Top Hot Tub and Spa Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

CutlassVinylTopRestore13Enjoying your spa year round means staying on top of regular maintenance. To keep your spa running like new, replace hot tub filters, use specially formulated spa chemicals, and cleaning accessories.

Tips for Excellent Hot Tub and Spa Maintenance & Cleaning

  • Spa Tub Maintenance: When cleaning the spa tub, only use non-abrasive cleaners. This will ensure your surface remains smooth and free of unsightly scratches. Leisure Time Cleanse is the perfect cleaner for your spa tub, it removes dirt and grime and prevents build-up on the waterline. Leisure Time Cleanse is also guaranteed compatible with other Leisure Time products like Leisure Time Sanitizer.
  • Spa Cover Care: Spa covers take a lot of abuse. Due to consistent use, the natural beauty of your spa cover can quickly fade. After spa use, apply Leisure Time Spa Cover Cleaner & Conditioner. The cleansing agents are specially formulated to clean and protect vinyl covers, even from UV rays.
  • Jets & Plumbing Care: Swirl-Away is designed to clean dirt and debris from your jets and plumbing parts, allowing for better, less restricted water flow. Use Swirl Away whenever you drain your tub to clean pipes and make your tub fill-ready.
  • Debris Removal: For the ultimate in debris removal, try using a spa vacuum system. These specially designed vacuum systems are less cumbersome than pool style vacuums and fit comfortable in your tub during cleaning time. For the ultimate in spa vacuum systems, try Water Tech’s SpaVac. It’s battery operated and the cartridge system makes it easier to clean.
  • Spa Filters: Replacement spa filters ensure your water is crystal clean, every time you enter the tub. Each filter is specially designed to fit your tub, before purchasing be sure to have your hot tub specs handy.
  • Everyday Natural Maintenance: Products like Leisure Time Citrabright clean your spa natural, using the power of citrus. This spray is safe to use anytime to keep your surfaces sparkling.

For more information on spa cleaning products and natural spa care, visit Hot Tub Things. We only offer the highest quality spa products an offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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