frozen hot tubIn the past 6 months, the US has been hit all over the country by storms like never seen before. The extreme conditions make for an unpredictable outcome when it comes to your possessions, including the hot tub. If the worst possible scenario happens and freezing temperatures are accompanied by a power outage, you could be looking at the possibility of costly repairs. If you were caught in the middle of a super storm and had a power outage and possible pipe freezing, we have some tips for you!

There are some precautions you should take should you discover a layer of ice in your hot tub:

  • Immediately turn off all power to the tub.  The last thing you want is your system trying to operate with frozen pipes as this could cause a whole new set of problems.
  • If you have a digital system that automatically starts up, make absolutely sure your pipes are thawed before restoring power.
  • If you system is mechanical, turn your thermostat to the OFF position.  You want to make sure your heater stays off while re-energizing your tub.
  • Make sure you have water flow throughout the system with no leaks from cracked manifolds or pipes.

Depending on how long you experienced freezing conditions and where your hot tub is located, it could take some time to complete the thawing process.  To start, a heat source like a high wattage work light or a small space heater can be placed inside the cabinet to start thawing.  Make sure that this heat source will not become wet by thawing pipes.  Also make sure that the heat source is not to close to any parts as they do become hotter than you might realize.  A GFCI-protected outlet can help in the event of a short-circuit.

Once the thawing has begun, watch these areas for evidence of leaks:

  • Heater Nuts
  • Unions
  • Filter Lock Rings
  • Manifolds
  • Pump Wet Ends

Take your time with this process because a system under pressure can be dangerous.  Always start up on the lowest possible settings while you watch for leaks.

If you need to replace your hot tub heater or other parts that might be damaged, Hot Tub Things is your source for replacement parts or even just some friendly advice.  If we can answer any questions to help put your mind at ease, please contact us.

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