Reduce Your Electric Bill with Hot Tub Accessories

thermal_blanket_1-500x500You’re lying in your hot tub on a cold winter evening, staring at the stars and thinking about how good life is, when your relaxing moment is broken by thoughts of how much electricity you use to heat your hot tub. Don’t let worries about your electric bill ruin your hot tub moment! There are several hot tub accessories to reduce your electric usage, so you can get back to star gazing.

1)      Get a hot tub cover: Hot tub covers not only keep things you don’t want OUT of your hot tub (leaves, insects), but they help keep heat in. Most of the heat lost from a hot tub is lost through the top, so buying a high-quality, well-insulated cover can save you lots of money each month. Condition your cover to prolong its life with a product such as Leisure Time Cover Care & Conditioner.

2)      Use a thermal blanket: Adding a thermal blanket below your cover can decrease your heating costs even further. A thermal blanket is cut to the exact shape and size of your hot tub and floats right on top of the water. It offers increased insulation and extends the life of your cover by reducing condensation and chemical wear on the underside of the cover.

3)      Cleaning products: A clean hot tub with parts that are in good condition will run more efficiently, saving you money on your electric bill. Replace filters regularly and keep them clean in between with a product such as Baqua Filter Cleaner. Pick up some Leisure Time Tub Rub pads to help keep your whole hot tub clean.

4)      Buy a hot tub timer: If your hot tub didn’t come with a timer, consider adding one. With the use of a timer, you can set your hot tub heating times to off-peak, less expensive times. Your electric company can let you know when these times are. If you have a good quality cover, your tub should maintain its temperature, so the tub is hot and ready when you are ready to use it.

With these simple tips, you will see your hot tub heating bills drop significantly. Contact us for more information. Then hop in your hot tub and relax!

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