Making Your Spa Cover Last Longer

Spa Covers | Hot Tub CoversSpa covers are a valuable part of spa care because they help keep dirt and debris out of your spa. However, they are subject to wear and tear just like anything else. So while they are doing their job, they become susceptible to grit, grime, dirt, mildew and mold.

Clean Your Spa Cover Monthly

Begin by removing your spa cover and thoroughly rinsing it down with cool water from the garden hose. Be sure to remove any grime that has collected on it.

Ultimately, spa covers are an important component of any spa. They protect your investment and children while offering energy savings and the enjoyment of your spa for years to come.

Then carefully clean it with a soft sponge and a gentle biodegradable soap. Never use bleach, abrasives or dish soap on your spa cover. In fact, the manufacturer’s instructions will advise you of the best soap to use.

Rinse it again thoroughly to be sure that all soap residue and dirt have been removed. Then with a clean, dry cloth, wipe off all the water until it is completely dry. If you leave any moisture, it could make it more susceptible to mildew and mold.

Protect your Spa Cover Monthly

There are several commercial brands of hot tub cover protectants available on the market today. Be sure to read the instructions for proper use.

Typically, after spraying on a generous amount, you should use a soft, damp cloth to spread the protectant over the entire cover surface. Allow to dry. Spa cover protectant will help restore and protect your spa cover from weathering, fading and discoloration.

Ultimately, spa covers should be given the same care and treatment that you give to any other of your other spa parts and accessories. And for help with finding the right spa cover or spa care protectant, contact us.

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