Cover Lifter 3Hot tubs are wonderfully therapeutic for many physical ailments. The warm water of your spa helps to increase circulation while relieving muscle spasms and soothing aching joints. Because the buoyancy of the water takes the pressure off of stiff and painful joints, many people find that their hot tubs are the perfect spot for gentle exercise.  Whether you have back pain, arthritis or even fibromyalgia, the warmth and gentle massage that hot tubs provide have been shown to provide therapeutic benefits and pain relief for sufferers of many painful, chronic conditions. But what if your physical limitations make it difficult for you to access your spa?

Spa cover lifters make it possible for you to keep your spa clear of debris and maintain temperature with a cover, while relieving you of the burden of lifting the cover for access. A spa cover lift will take the strain out of removing and folding back your cover. After your relaxing dip, the spa cover lifter will put the cover back in place snugly, without any effort from you that might cause injury to your back or your muscles.  With a spa cover lifter, the therapeutic benefits of your spa time are not undone by straining to lift and place the cover yourself.

Make your spa experience even safer by adding a set of spa steps.  These steps come in many colors to match your hot tub and feature non-slip treads for sure steps that enhance your safety.  Enjoy your hot tub without the worry of slips and falls.

Your hot tub is the place where you can melt away the aches, pains and stress of the day.  Don’t let physical restraints keep you from enjoying your spa every day.  Spa cover lifters and steps will allow you to safely and securely access all that your hot tub has to offer.

At Hot Tub Things, we are committed to bringing you all the accessories to keep your hot tub working properly at the lowest prices.  For high quality hot tub accessories and exceptional customer service, contact us.

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