Protect Your Big Investment with Custom Cover

the-cover-guy-black-hot-tub-cover-vicNothing beats relaxing in your new hot tub spa. If you want to keep that brand new feeling, then you’ll want to look at hot tub covers. Hot tub covers extend the life of your hot tub and actually increases the efficiency and enjoyment of your spa. A nice benefit of this decrease in workload is a decrease in energy costs, and an increase of cash in your wallet.

  • It is important when searching for a hot tub cover to find one that is constucted properly.
  • Look for solid one piece foam construction.
  • Make sure proper vapor barriers are used to prevent water absortion into the foam core.
  • Make sure the foam and hot tub cover are custom sized and fit to ensure the maximum benefit.
  • Be sure there are tie downs and be sure the tie downs are sturdy.

The energy savings and life extention benefits of a hot tub cover are important but, there is the other job they perform. Hot tub covers keep nasty things from getting into your spa. Besides leaves, dust, and dirt you’ll want to keep out bird droppings, insects, and the occasional mouse. When your luxurious hot tub is protected by a custom hot tub cover supplied by Hot Tub Things, you will be assured of sharing your tub with only yourself and invited guests.

Protecting your investment, energy savings, and cleanliness, of your spa is important, but there is another more vital and often overlooked reason to have your hot tub covered, safety. A cover prevents smaller children from themselves. Even if you don’t have little ones, some relative or friend will, not to mention the neighbors. A spa like a pool, is a great get away and for peace of mind it is important to cover it when unattended.

You might consider to aid in the use and ease of putting the hot tub cover on and off, a spa cover lift. A spa cover lift is an inexpensive bracket that hinges your hot tub cover to the spa. This allows the hot tub cover to fit perfectly every time. It keeps the hot tub cover off the ground and cleaner. A Spa cover makes it easier to open and close the spa, ensuring that no one forgets to cover the tub.

Truly nothing beats relaxing in your spa, now let’s keep that investment protected, lasting longer, cleaner, and safer, contact us at Hot Tub Things for all your hot tub needs.

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