Spa Filter | Hot Tub FilterSpa filters are a key element to the health of your spa because they work to clean all the contaminants – like body oil, dirt, hair, leaves and bugs – from your home spa. However, all that hard work doesn’t just happen. You have to take an active part in keeping your spa filter clean.

It’s easy enough to do. Merely remove the spa filter every month or so and rinse it with a garden hose, soak it in a filter cleaner and then thoroughly rinse it until the water runs clear.

However, it doesn’t stop there. The type and size of your spa filter as well as how often you clean and use your hot tub are factors that can affect your filter cartridge. Repeated use will eventually wear your spa filter cartridge out. That means you’ll need to replace it.

Although the general rule of thumb is to replace the cartridge annually, you should change your filter cartridge if:

  • there are obvious tears or holes in the spa filter cartridge;
  • the end caps are brittle, cracked or discolored;
  • the spa filter fabric remains dingy even after cleaning;
  • the water flow rate is low immediately after cleaning your cartridge;
  • the water flow rate is low due to a clog that cannot be cleaned;
  • the spa filter pressure runs high continuously; and/or
  • the center core (if applicable) loses its shape.
  • check with your manufacturer, some filters need to be replaced on a regular basis (2-3 times a year)

Spa motors are much more expensive to replace than spa filters. The best way to keep your spa motor in good running order is by caring for the water that passes through it. Even if you think your filter cartridge looks in good shape after a year, replace it. A new spa filter helps protect your health and your wallet.

And if you have questions about replacing spa filters or filter cartridges, we’re here to help.

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