45125-2Hot tubs are for relaxing, not science experiments. When it comes to hot tub chemicals, you don’t want to be guessing. You want quick and easy maintenance so you can get back to enjoying your hot tub. Spa care kits are the perfect solution.

Everything You Need in One Kit

By purchasing a spa care kit, you save the time and trouble of having to purchase all of the necessary chemicals separately. In fact, you don’t even have to do the research! Leave it to us to provide everything you need in one kit, including a reusable chemical storage container. Each kit comes with the ingredients for maintaining a clean and clear hot tub. Kits even come with instructional DVDs to take you through the steps to maintaining your hot tub. What could be easier than that!

Multiple Options for Every Need

With a variety of kits available, you can choose the sanitation method that you like best. There are complete kits using chlorine and bromine. There are even alternative methods for sanitation that are non-chlorine and non-bromine. If you feel like you need a little extra hand holding, our deluxe kits include a simple, instructional DVD explaining each chemical and how it is used, eliminating the guesswork and the hassle from your hot tub maintenance routine.

Keep Your Hot Tub in Top Condition

Keeping your hot tub maintained will ensure years of enjoyment. Kits including cover conditioner and surface polishes will help you easily keep your hot tub looking like new. A pristine hot tub is the ultimate in relaxation.

Don’t let hot tub chemical confusion keep you from maintaining and enjoying your hot tub. The no fuss hot tub maintenance provided by a spa care kit puts the tools in your hands to keep your hot tub in top shape and get on with the relaxing. Contact us for your every hot tub need.

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