Rheem_Electric_SpaFrom time to time, our customers ask us to comment on whether we think a gas or electric spa heater is best. So today we wanted to provide a bit of guidance that may help spa enthusiasts answer that question for themselves. It all starts with a look at the spa itself.

Think about it this way. If you try and heat an entire house with a small, portable space heater what happens? The heater runs and runs without sufficiently warming up all of the home’s interior spaces right? Well the same can be said for a spa heater. Whether you choose a gas or electric powered one, it needs to be big and powerful enough to do the job.

In addition, you’ll want to take into account your area’s weather. That’s because the weather can affect how well a spa heater works too. The easiest way to understand how weather may impact a spa heater is to think about the portable heater that we mentioned earlier. If placed in a small room during the heat of summer, it is likely to work quickly because the air was warm to begin with. The reverse is true if the air is freezing cold. Because of that, you’ll want to select a spa heater that is capable of operating efficiently at temperatures compatible with your area.

Lastly, there are the cost and service availability factors to consider. It’s no secret that gas and electric rates, as well as service availability, vary across the country. Therefore, you’ll want to breakdown those differences before selecting a spa heater too.

To discuss the topic further and find an affordable spa heater that’s right for your particular situation, please contact us at (888) 251-6661. We have a variety of spa heaters and spa heater parts in stock to choose from. In addition, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.

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