Spa Supplies for Effective Spa Care

Spa maintenance is an essential part of hot tub ownership. And to maintain your spa properly you need to follow certain steps and use the proper spa supplies.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing your hot tub is one of the most important parts of hot tub ownership. In addition to removing any obvious debris like leaves and bugs from the spa surface, you will need to clean the water of organic matter such as skin, oils, hair and lotions left behind by bathers. And you’ll need to follow a regular chemical treatment routine that includes sanitizing and oxidizing. Necessary spa supplies include a hot tub cover, cleaning net and a sanitizer (chlorine, bromine or biguanide). And though not absolutely necessary, you may want to consider an ozonator to help keep your spa fresh.

Draining and Refilling

Unlike swimming pools that rarely require draining, spa water becomes overused and eventually requires replacement. It’s a matter of finding the drain valve to empty the spa and then refilling the hot tub with water from your garden hose. For a great explanation of the process, check out You’ll need to test the fresh water and add a shock treatment. Necessary spa supplies include spa shock and sanitizer.


The water in your spa needs to be perfectly balanced between the right amount of alkalinity and acid to ensure the pH balance and calcium level are safe. Unsafe levels can cause skin, hair and eye problems and lead to bacteria growth and unhealthy spa water. Necessary spa supplies are a spa test kit which should be used every few days.

Inspection and Replacement

Part of spa ownership requires you to check moving parts such as your spa filter and pump. You will also need to replace the filter cartridge every couple of weeks, depending on use. As with all spa supplies, it’s smart to have filter cartridges on hand so you don’t have to wait to use your spa. Necessary spa supplies are spa filter cartridges as well as any necessary replacement spa parts, which you can order as you need them.

And depending on your needs, we offer a full range of spa supplies, accessories and replacement parts that can help you keep your spa in tip-top condition. Contact us so we can help make your spa experience an exciting one.

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