Keep it Bubbling with Replacement Hot Tub Filters

pleatcofiltersWe all enjoy the relaxation provided by that bubbling hot tub. However, that same cauldron of comfort requires regular maintenance and care in order to keep running in perfect order. The filter is an integral part of any hot tub and performs a number of important tasks that keep the tub usable. They should be cleaned monthly, but even then you will occasionally have to purchasereplacement hot tub filters. The unit is exposed to things that the people using it bring into the water and to the air around it.

The chemicals that go into a hot tub remove most small particles, bacteria and keep it clean and sanitary. Organic elements that are not taken care of by the chemicals can create issues. The job of the filter is to handle these particles by removing them from the water. Large particles such as leaves, hair, or dirt that could potentially damage the mechanical portions of the tub are stopped by the filter. It traps this debris which reduces the chance of damage to the more expensive parts like the pump and heater.

Clogs can also form from the litter that makes its way into the hot tub. These blockages will increase the cost of running the tub by reducing its efficiency. With an unobstructed flow of water that is being kept clean, the unit will require less maintenance. Regularly cleaning and replacing hot tub filters will cut down on the times it is necessary to clean the water. The action of a clean filter will keep the water in a usable state much longer.

Even if you are consistent with cleaning the filter, keeping a spare one on hand is always a good idea. This ensures that you are prepared if the old one breaks or simply wears out. No matter which brand of tub you have, providing routine cleaning and replacing the hot tub filter on a regular basis will lessen the chance of expensive repairs and likely increase the life of your tub. Please contact us for more information on the care and maintenance of that element of at-home relaxation therapy you call a hot tub.


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