sun-purity-large1Did you know that there are various natural spa care products that use silver? It’s true and with good reason. Silver is more than just a precious metal that’s used to make rings and decorative things. It also happens to be a very potent, anti-microbial substance that’s been used by healthcare professionals for centuries.

The way it works is rather ingenious. In certain forms, like the ones used in natural spa care products, silver can poke holes into microscopic bacterial cells and negatively alter their metabolisms. Once that happens, the bacterium dies. For a more in-depth, scientific explanation of how silver accomplishes those two things, we’d suggest reading the June 19, 2013 issue of Science Translation Medicine. It contains a rather technical, research article about silver’s inherent, anti-microbial properties.

It’s also worth noting that silver can do more than kill bacteria too. According to The Silver Institute, it can also naturally remove particulates, odors, algae and chemical byproducts from water as well. That’s why you’ll often find it added to a whole host of natural spa care products.

So which natural spa care products contain silver? One that comes to our minds is the ProClear™ Mineral Purifier. It is typically used with Jacuzzi ®Hot Tubs and CLEARRAY® water purification systems. The mineral purifier is very effective. However, you cannot combine it with other products that contain biaguanides.

The Nature2® Spa Mineral Sanitizer also contains silver. Made by Zodiac, it is designed to work with other natural spa care products to help keep hot tubs and spas sanitized. If you do decide to use this particular mineral sanitizer, you’ll need to avoid using products that contain biguanides, bromide and copper. Otherwise, you’ll be faced with compatibility related problems.

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