Hot Tub Ozonators Do The Work For You


For Hot tub owners, having an ozonator on your spa greatly reduces the amount of chemicals you will use to keep your hot tub fresh and saves you money at the same time – giving you more time to relax. After all, isn’t this the reason you bought a spa in the first place?

That funny little box that emits the tiny bubbles is actually doing a lot of work for your spa. Those bubbles actually contain ozone, a compound that is formed when three oxygen atoms bind together. You may have experienced the faint, sweet smell of ozone in the air during a lightning storm. This compound is very useful in a spa because it becomes a very powerful oxidizer that destroys contaminants.

When you use an Hot Tub ozonator, you reduce the need for expensive chemicals. Since the lifespan of ozone is short lived, you can not eliminate the need for chlorine or bromine altogether but you can reduce the need by up to 75% in some cases. This will not only save you money on chemicals but it also means that your water will last much longer between refills.

Ozone purifies water about 3,000 times faster than chlorine and has no odor when used in the quantities needed for hot tub maintenance. It leaves no chemical byproducts and is harmless to humans and animals. It does not irritate the eyes or skin and, most important to your spa, it is gentle on spa equipment such as heater elements.

Most of today’s spas are ozone ready and require just simply attaching an ozonator kit in a pre-planned spot. However, if your hot tub is not ozone ready, there are several options to retrofit an ozonator into your spa.

When you couple an ozonator with good quality filters and supplemental cleaning products like silver ion cartridges, you reduce the need for harsh chemicals, extend the life of your spa and, most importantly, reduce maintenance and labor, offering you the hassle free, clean spa experience that you deserve. If you are interested in how an ozonated spa can work for you then contact us today at Hottubthings.

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