Seven Hot Tub Chemicals You Should Know

If you have a hot tub, you likely have hot tub chemicals. If not, you’ll need to get some – fast. Hot tub chemicals are what keep your spa fresh, balanced, and virtually odor-free. Here are the seven you need to know.

Spa Sanitizers
Hot water is a breeding ground for all types of unfriendly bacteria. Therefore, you need to keep a constant eye it. A sanitizer such as bromine or chlorine reduces the level of microorganisms found in your hot tub and keeps them at safe, healthy levels.

Chlorine-Free Sanitizers
You may want to use a chlorine-free sanitizer instead because it is gentle on the eyes, hair, skin, and is virtually odor-free. It doesn’t affect pH levels; therefore, it requires less maintenance than traditional sanitizers do.

Spa Conditioning and Balancing Chemicals
Water balancers and conditioners prevent corrosion and scaling (dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium), while keeping your water healthier. To balance and condition your spa water, test for alkalinity, pH levels, and calcium hardness every few days.

Spa Clarifiers and Shock
Lots of people in your spa means lots of residual body oils, cosmetics, and perspiration. These can accumulate and contaminate the water. To shock and destroy contaminates and clear your water, use clarifiers and shock treatments.

Spa Cleaners
Experts recommend that you drain and clean your hot tub about once every three months or when your measured TDS (total dissolved solids) level reaches 1300 to 1500.

Cover Cleaners
Vinyl is a UV-sensitive material that can degrade over time, particularly when exposed to sunlight or mildew. Maintain spa cover and protect it against UV damage to keep it looking and performing like new.

Test Strips
Whether you’re using chlorine or bromine, test strips allow you to use one product to check your water’s readings quickly. For the most accurate testing results, remember to follow the directions carefully.

Hot tub maintenance takes time, but it is basic and straightforward if you follow the instructions on the hot tub chemicals you buy. For more information on hot tub care and the right chemicals for your spa, contact us.

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