IMG_1302Hot tub filters are one of the crucial components used to keep water free of organic debris. That’s why it is so important to follow a proper filter cleaning and replacement routine. In most instances, hot tub filters will need to be cleaned once a month and replaced once a year. Here’s a look at how to clean one:

To clean a hot tub filter properly, you’ll need to have the following hot tub supplies at your disposal:

  • Hot tub owner’s manual
  • Wash bucket or tub
  • Garden hose
  • Filter cleaner
  • Spare filter

Start the monthly process by reviewing the section of your hot tub’s owner’s manual that addresses filter removal and replacement. Then remove the dirty hot tub filter and replace it with your spare filter. Next, use your garden hose to gently remove as much of the visible debris as possible. Do not use a pressure washer or high pressure garden hose head for the job. Otherwise, you might accidentally damage the filter’s working parts or casing. Any dirt that remains after the hosing will need to be removed with the aid of a great filter cleaner.

So what makes a great filter cleaner? It really all depends on which hot tub filter and hot tub purification system you are currently using. They need to be compatible with the chemicals contained within the filter cleaning solution. Water quality and personal preferences may also play a role in filter cleaner purchasing decisions.

For example, some hot tub filter cleaners are meant to be used as overnight soaking solutions. They tend to be adept at removing stubborn lime scale and sticky suntan oil residue. Some of the overnight solutions are safe to use with mineral, biguanide, chlorine, ozone and bromine purification systems.

Other cleaners are meant to be sprayed on and hosed off quickly. Oftentimes, they are very effective at removing calcium deposits, human sebum and apocrine gland secretions. Many people like the quick-acting filter cleaners because they require very little hot tub downtime.

At Hot Tub Things, we carry both types of filter cleaning chemicals. For overnight soaks, we’d suggest using Rendezvous Filter Fresh or Leisure Time Filter Clean. For quick cleaning, try the BAQUA Filter Cleaner or the Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Clean. For more information about them and hot tub filters in general, please contact us toll-free at (888) 251-6661.

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