Back to Basics: Hot Tub Safety

envoy+family+3+web+lrgAn article was released earlier this week describing an incident where a child almost drowned in a hot tub at a birthday party. Events like this are scary reminders about the potential dangers of hot tubs if you are not careful. Incidents like this can also be easily avoided by creating simple rules for the hot tub, and buying the necessary safety accessories for spas. Here are our tips for creating a safe environment in and around the hot tub:

  1. Set rules for the hot tub: setting rules for the hot tub and making sure your whole family abides by them is an important factor to keeping the hot tub safe. Here are some examples of rules:
    • Children are only allowed in the hot tub if an adult is in with them, or if an adult can strictly supervise the kids.
    • No rough play for children in the hot tub. Rough play can lead to someone going under water and drowning and this is the last thing anyone wants.
    • Floating devices are required for any children who can’t stand in the deepest part of the hot tub and have their neck and head exposed.
    • Never get in the hot tub alone if you are tired enough to fall asleep. Falling asleep in hot tub is very dangerous.
  2. Get a hot tub cover from HotTubThings: all the hot tub covers made at hot tub things meet and exceed ASTM standards for safety. All covers we make come with safety straps and clips that ensure kids and unwanted visitors will not enter the hot tub. These clips on hot tub covers can come with locks that make it even more difficult to enter the tub without the hot tub owner there. Hot tub covers offer safety features that are necessary elements if you have kids or pets around the home.
  3. Dont enter the hot tub intoxicated or under the influence.
  4. Add a safety rail and steps: having spa steps and a hand rail makes getting in and out of the hot tub much easier and less dangerous. With a hand rail, you wont have to worry about slipping, losing your balance, or not having anything sturdy to hold on to when getting in and out.
  5. Make sure your hot tub water is at a safe temperature for all participating bathers.
  6. Maintain water chemistry and balance: making sure your hot tub water is in balance twice a week will ensure that anyone who enters your hot tub will be in sanitized, clean water. Water that is out of balance can pose a serious threat to people’s health. pH that is out of balance, especially if it is too acidic, can cause skin rashes and irritation. Hot tubs are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria so be sure to treat and maintain your hot tub water!

Follow our tips on hot tub safety to ensure you, your family, friends, and loved ones remain safe while using the hot tub. All the safety products we mentioned can be found at Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions about safety in and around your hot tub!

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