Custom Covers that Benefit You and Your Hot Tub

accessories_spa_cover_detail1_800You finally have a relaxing spa where you can unwind and let all of your cares just fade away. Now that you’ve made an investment into your health, well-being and recreation it is important to protect that investment by choosing custom spa covers that keep your hot tub safe and secure.

A spa cover does a lot for your hot tub and ALL of these benefits of hot tub covers are worth it. The first benefit is that a hot tub cover will keep your hot tub safe from inclement weather. Instead of having to scoop out leaves and debris each time before you enter the spa, all you have to do is lift the cover to an already clean tub. A lot of the debris that gets in your hot tub from the outside can often clog the filter, and cause blockage in your hot tub pipes. Having a cover will protect from any of these harms.

The second benefit of a hot tub cover is that it keeps it better insulated. When the tub is left uncovered, the heater has to work twice as hard to continually heat the tub. This uses lots of energy and adds to your electric bill. By having a cover on the spa, the heater won’t have to turn on nearly as frequently, meaning that you’ll save some money on your electric bill too. Heat rises, which is why insulation is used in the attics of our homes. By using a hot tub cover, you are basically adhering to the same theory – the heat in the hot tub will rise to the top of the cover and the cover will keep it where it needs to be, inside of your spa. Another benefit that makes hot tub covers a great investment is that it adds safety. A cover keeps children or animals from falling in and drowning. In addition, it keeps out any unwanted visitors from using your tub while you’re away. Hot tub covers usually come with clips and locks, so this added feature ensures that only you and your loved ones get to enjoy it.

Since each spa cover is built exactly to your specifications, you won’t have to worry about it not being compatible. We have hot tub cover measurement guides to help you ensure you are measuring correctly. Our hot tub cover ordering process is so easy, you may not even have to measure your tub! You’ll save money on cleaning costs and your power bill and best of all, a hot tub cover will prolong the life of your spa. If you want to learn more about how we can build you the perfect spa cover simply contact us today.


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