Spa Parts: What You Need to Know about Hydrojets

One of the most important spa parts your hot tub uses is its hydro-jets. Hydro-jets push the water into the spa, providing the high-pressure massage action that spa owners love. Each hydro-jet pumps out between 12 and 15 gallons of water per minute. If you consider that spas generally contain a minimum of four jets, that’s a lot of water being tossed around.

Generally, there are two-speeds on spa pumps. The high speed powers the jets, while the low speed circulates the water through the filter and heater.

Because hydro-jets move up and down in order to create massaging ripples and have movable parts that regulate air intake, they may eventually need replacement. Replacement jets are readily available and generally easy enough for a DIYer to handle on their own.

Here’s what the folks at eHow suggest:

  • Turn off your spa and open the water-valve compartment lid
  • Rotate the water valves clockwise to stop the water flow
  • Remove the screws from the grill cover
  • Pull the grill face off
  • Using an adjustable wrench, twist counterclockwise to loosen the hydrojet from the pipe
  • Remove the spa jet and set aside
  • Screw on the replacement hydrojet in a clockwise motion
  • Tighten the jet with the wrench
  • Replace the vented grill
  • Rotate the water valves counterclockwise to restore water flow
  • Close the water-valve compartment lid

And that’s it! Most jets are very easy to remove and replace, and we have all the spa parts you need to keep your jets in perfect working order. Contact us and we’ll help you to get started repairing your spa or hot tub hydro-jets today.

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  1. Spas says:

    I’ve never had to repair a hot tub, nor will I probably ever have to…but hey, it’s good to know there are parts out there eh?

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