The Truth About Hot Tub Filters

remove_filterThe truth about hot tub filters is…. You need them! And you have to take care of them! It is really that simple.

No one wants to worry about filters or take care of them, but it’s one of the most important responsibilities of owning a hot tub. Let us explain why filters are so important and break things down for you to make maintenance more straight forward.

Here are some of the reasons why we NEED filters:

  • Filters protect expensive hot tub equipment from particles in the water that may clog or break the parts. The filter catches those particles before they can cause any harm!
  • By catching particles in the filter, and sparing any parts from damage, the filter is actually saving you money! You won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing expensive parts as long as you take care of your filter.
  • Filters collect bacteria and particles, even unseen to the human eye. This creates a more sanitary and safe environment for you to soak without having to worry about the dangers of certain pathogens that exist or thrive in moist areas.
  • Filters reduce overall maintenance. You will spend less time picking leaves and organics out of your hot tub if you maintain your filter. In addition, the cleaner water from the filtering will be on a more regular chemical schedule because odd particles won’t drastically change the chemistry.
  • Dirty hot tub filters can even void our warranty, so it is well worth checking and cleaning your spa’s filter once or twice per month, and changing the filter once per year.

Quick Cleaning Vs. Deep Cleaning

A quick cleaning of your hot tub filter should be done regularly. Quick cleanings are easy and entail little to no chemicals. Many people simply remove their filter, rinse it down well with a hose, let it dry a little, then replace it back in the hot tub. For a little better of a clean that may help the filter last longer, use an instant cartridge cleaner. These cleaners just spray right on the filter, soak for a short period of time, then get rinsed off with a hose or in the sink.

A deep cleaning only needs to be done every once in a while, and usually takes many hours, or can be done overnight. A deep cleaning also requires the use of a filter cleaning chemical that is diluted with water. To clean a filter using this method, get a bucket large enough to completely submerge the hot tub  filter and fill it with the appropriate ratio of water to filter cleaner as stated on the bottle. Next, drop the filter in the bucket and let it soak for however many hours the filter cleaner recommends, or just leave it in overnight. Remove the filter when it’s done soaking and rinse it off with a hose or in the sink then let it dry completely before replacing it in the hot tub.

Maintenance Schedule:

  • Every 2 Weeks: Quick Filter Cleaning
  • Every 2-3  Months: Deep Filter Cleaning
  • Every Year: Buy New Filter and Replace Old Filter

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