Hot Tub Covers are Vital for Spa Health

hot-tub-coverAll experienced hot tub owners understand imprtantance of their hot tub cover. A good cover  prevents your system from running too much and adds years to the life of your hot tub.

Here are a few facts to remind you how vital the hot tub cover is:

  • The hot tub cover protects the filter and pump from becoming clogged by outside debris.
  • Hot tub covers insulate better than any alternative. This allows the spa to run less, which saves you money on your electric bills.
  • The hot tub cover adds safety to the tub, so that no children or pets can fall in and drown.
  • Covers make spa maintenance easier by keeping out unwanted debris.

Do you have a worn out hot tub cover that’s costing you money? Worried about finding a new one because your tub happens to be oddly shaped? No problem. Here at Hot Tub Things, we custom make all shapes of replacement hot tub covers. If you aren’t sure how to measure the oddly shaped tub, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to assist you through the process. If you have a standard shaped spa, we even have templates of spa dimensions so the cover comes out perfect every time.

We’re dedicated to building you a cover that will last, whether you live in the snowy North or the sunny desert. We have the finest materials available and with our state of the art laser equipment, we make each one a masterpiece. The secret to our success is customer satisfaction. In order to best accomplish this we build our replacement hot tub covers one at a time, so each one comes out perfect.

When considering covers, the difference between the one that comes with your spa and one that we deliver is night and day. We design and build our covers to last longer than any factory cover out there. Matching up the proper foam taper and density of your spa cover is unique to the environment that the hot tub will be used.We can take you through the selection process one step at a time.

We’re customers too, so we work extra hard to maintain top shelf quality and keep our prices low. Most of the covers you find online are over priced. At Hot Tub Things, we care about you and your satisfaction. Our reputation depends on it. Once you’ve experienced our covers, we’re sure you’ll be back for the rest of your hot tub needs.

If you have any questions about purchasing a hot tub cover, contact us!

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