Hot Tub Accessories for Your Party

If you’re thinking of throwing a hot tub party, you might want to consider some hot tub accessories to ensure your guests’ safety and help put them in a festive mood.

First, the basics. If you don’t already have them, consider installing non-slip steps and hand rails to make it easier for people to safely get in and out of the tub.

Next, you have to think about where all those guests will put their belongings. An attached side table or side mounted tray provides a handy spot for drinks or any items you want to keep dry but close at hand. One thing’s for sure, you’ll want to have plenty of towels available for your guests, and a towel tree or rack can help keep all the extra towels up off the ground where they’ll stay dry.

Then there are the accessories that exist purely for fun. If you like playing games, you might be interested in a floating game and drink tray and some waterproof playing cards. Celebriducks–”rubber duckies” based on characters and celebrities ranging from Popeye to Marilyn Monroe–are guaranteed to get a laugh out of your guests. There are also a number of lighting options available. You can install LED color-changing lights, place some light-up floating roses or animals in the water, or put on a spectacular display with a floating disco ball that has seven color changing light shows.

When you’re planning your next hot tub party, contact us. Since we only offer quality products, you know you’ll be getting great accessories that will make your get together a party to remember.

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