Hot Tub Pillows: Which One is Right for You?

Chino_0020Hot tub pillows can increase the quality of hot tub therapy. They can help keep your neck and back aligned while you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your hot tub.

Hot tubs can help relieve arthritis and muscle pain, increase blood flow and alleviate restless sleep. But they aren’t just wonders of modern medicine. They are also designed for comfort. Part of that comfort comes from using the right hot tub pillow.

  • Air-filled Pillows - Some pillows are air-filled and have a cloth cover for comfort. These inexpensive pillows can provide added comfort to your hot tub experience but don’t have the additional features other pillows have. They are good for those that don’t use a hot tub frequently. But those that love their hot tubs will want a feature-rich pillow.
  • Foam Pillows - foam pillows come in two forms: the first is a pillow that has an extending flap to hang over the edge of the spa making it easy to move and place in any spa seat. The other is the same pillow with suction cups on the back. These pillows sometimes comes in different densities as well. One is thicker, yet softer and the other kind is more dense and thinner.
  • Specialty Pillows - these specialty pillows refer to the pillows that are made for specific spas in the design from the manufacturer. Usually the spa comes equipped with these pillows (like in the cases of Sundance and Jacuzzi), and replacements are necessary when the original deteriorates.

While there are a variety of hot tub pillows available, making sure you pick the right one is very important. You wouldn’t want to replace a specialty pillow with a foam pillow or air-filled one! Look at it this way: would you rather rest your head on the hard acrylic surface of the spa or the comfort of a cushioned spa pillow? Let us help you make the right choice in pillows for your hot tub. Please contact us for more information about hot tubs pillows and how to choose the right one for you.

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