W25000_Cense-1Nothing is more relaxing then ending your day in your outdoor or indoor hot tub. When we think of our at home spa, we envision luxury, peace, and tranquility for the mind and body. Why not create the ultimate hot tub experience with a natural hot tub sanitizer, filter, or PH test strips?

Natural spa care allows for a complete experience, without the chlorine, chemical smell. These natural products are non-irritating, and offer a natural solution to chemical type products. For those with sensitive skin, natural spa care truly delivers the ultimate spa experience without the irritation.

Natural Spa Care is a wonderful alternative to chemical products. They not only reduce skin irritation but also are gentle on the eyes and hair. Don’t be fooled by their subtlety; these products clean and sanitize as well as help you maintain crystal clear water in your spa just as well as chemical products.

Hot Tub Things offers a full line of natural spa products sure to please. Excellent natural sanitizers such as Cense combine MPS non-chlorine oxidants to keep your tub clean and an element of aromatherapy to give you peace of mind. Cense is available in several amazingly relaxing scents such as Island PleasuresQuiet Escape, and Divine Secrets.

Natural spa care is not limited to sanitizers; spa shock oxidizers are also available. A product like Leisure Time Renew Tabs, uses non-chlorine oxidizers that dissolve tub buildup such as oils, soaps, and deodorants. These tabs are simple to use and safe for your skin, without the hassle of measuring.

Another product which is all natural and perfect for your home spa is Rendezvous Spray Cleaner. Rendezvous has developed an easy spray and wipe type cleaner that removes oil, grime, scale, mineral deposits, and other organics from hot tub acrylic and spa surfaces. Rendezvous Spray Cleaner employs the power of citrus makes this product pleasant and effective to use anytime.

These are only a few natural spa care products available from Hot Tub Things. For more information on Hot Tub Things full line of natural spa care, please contact us.

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