Why Use Spa Covers?

spacovercutout1We all know the benefits of having a home spa. It promotes physical sweat to eliminate toxins in the body, massages the muscles, and it’s a way to de-stress. But the added stress of maintaining your home spa may outweight the relaxing spa use. That’s where spa covers come in. Here are 7 reasons you should buy a spa cover if you don’t already have one:

1. Conserves water

Water evaporates and by using a spa cover you will reduce this evaporation process or even eliminate evaporation altogether. Less evaporation means you’re able to save on water use. Not only will you save money on water bills but you will help the world recycle its limited resources.

2. Uses less energy

You use energy to heat up your spa, and buy covering your spa, you will retain heat within the spa so that during your next use, you will not have to use as much energy to heat it up on your next use. Using less energy means…

3. Save money

you save money. Each time you use your spa, you use energy. This energy costs you money. Therefore, reducing energy reduces the money you spend. Not to mention reducing energy use helps protect the environment.

4. Keeps out outdoor debris

If your spa is outside, spa covers save on spa maintenance because it blocks outide debris such as leaves, dirt, and insects from getting into your spa.

5. Safety

Spa covers prevent accidents. Especially if you have young children, falling into a spa can cause injury. Spa covers ensure the spa is “put away” while it isn’t in use and will save you from having to be careful while outside of the spa.

6. Less stress

You don’t want your de-stressor tool to cause you more stress than it heals. Without a spa cover, your spa requires extra care and maintenance, and becomes another chore for you to do. Not only are you saving energy, time, and money, you are helping the environment and promoting safety in your home.

Contact us for more information on spa covers! We sell any cover you need based on size, shape, brand, and color to suit your spa aesthetic and fit.

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