Troubleshooting Cloudy Water: Part 2

hot tub repair calgary , flow issuesIf you read our blog from last week, we began explaining some of the reasons why you might be getting cloudy water. Cloudy water can put a damper on your hot tub experience. Who would want to get in a hot tub that looks cloudy and dirty? No one. There are a variety of causes of cloudy water and each one has a special fix. If you aren’t a hot tub expert, then it can be difficult to identify the cause of water issues. Go down the rest of the list and answer yes or no to determine if one of these causes might apply to you.
  1. I haven’t changed my filter in over a year.
  2. I haven’t been testing and balancing my hot tub water twice per week.
  3. I don’t have a hot tub cover.

If you answered yes to any of these above statements, then you probably have identified one of the causes of cloudy water for you. Read on about the details of these issues…

1. Filters NEED Yearly Replacement

A filter isn’t going to last you a lifetime, but continuing to replace them and clean them will ensure your hot tub does. Filters are important because they protect the plumbing of the hot tub. When the filter is dirty, it can’t do one of it’s jobs which is to keep contaminants from reaching the more expensive parts of the tub. A clean filter will ensure no expensive parts are broken. A dirty filter can even void a warranty on a hot tub, so make sure you are cleaning and changing your filter regularly. We recommend changing your filter at least once per year.


Hot tubs will not take care of themselves, unfortunately. To keep a hot tub in pristine condition, you have to be testing and balancing the water at least twice per week. Even if you aren’t using the tub that week you should still add sanitizer and oxidizer at least once. Naturally, the sanitation and pH levels of the water will start to fall and that’s when things like cloudy water can develop. Shock is especially important because one of it’s main purposes is to keep water CLEAR. Balancing your water twice per week should keep things in check.

3. Hot Tub Covers Can Make Life Easier

A hot tub cover may seem unnecessary to you, but leaving your hot tub open is like having a convertible car with the top down in a storm. It’s bad news for you and your hot tub if you don’t have a cover. A cover keeps contaminants, large objects, animals, unwanted visitors, and anything that could fall into your tub out. The cover also insulates your hot tub so your electric bill stays low. Without a cover, your hot tub heater will be constantly running and working to stay hot. A hot tub cover is relevant to cloudy water because it helps ensure that after you balance your water, nothing can fall into the hot tub that will disturb its water balance. Without a cover, water balance can change and these changes can lead to cloudy water. If you are in need of a cover, then Hot Tub Things can make you a custom cover in any color, size, taper, and accessories you want. Call us for more info!

Hopefully our guide on troubleshooting cloudy water issues has helped you with some of your water issues. If you have any questions about cloudy water or other hot tub issues, contact us!

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