spabrella-500It has been a long day.  All the way home, the only thing that you can think about is climbing into your spa and relaxing.  Ahhhh…

These seven, must-have hot tub accessories will make your hot tub or spa the enjoyable, relaxing retreat that you want it to be.

  1. Spa Cover and Cover Lift - A spa or hot tub cover will preserve the heat in the water, which will cause your pump to run less frequently, potentially lowering your electric bill.  After a hard day at work or working out, the last thing you want to do is come home and have to wrestle with removing your spa cover.  A cover lifter will make opening and closing your spa effortless.
  2. Hot Tub Steps - Add some steps that will make getting in and out of your spa easy, comfortable, and safe. You’ll have plenty of options for colors as well as the number of tiers you want on your steps.
  3. Spa Ozonator - Add a spa ozonator to your new or existing hot tub.  The hot tub ozonator keeps your water sparkling clean as it removes body oils, oils from make-up, moisturizers and sun-screens, and also metals from your spa water – things that chlorine and bromine are not able to remove.  A spa ozonator will save you money, decreasing the amount of product you need to keep your water crystal clear.  Clean water will help with the maintenance of your hot tub parts, and for is better for your body.
  4. Fully Functioning Filter - Hot tub filters should be replaced annually.  It filters dirt out of the water and also helps to keep the dirt out of the pump.  Old filter material may loosen over time, allowing dirt to get into the pump.  Much better to replace a filter than use an old, dirty filter and have to replace a pump!
  5. Spa-side Umbrella - An umbrella allows you to enjoy your spa, regardless of the weather, and also protects you and your hot tub from the damaging sunlight.  Look for an umbrella that is easy to position as the sun moves across the sky.  A quick-release mechanism is handy to collapse your umbrella to a closed position, should you want to bask in the sun or gaze at the stars.
  6. Aromatherapy - Add aromatherapy to your spa experience.  Aromas stimulate the part of the brain that affects emotion.  Skin-softening emollients in the bubbles will soothe muscles and improve skin’s suppleness.  If you close your eyes, the wafting aroma of chamomile, vanilla, or coconut will transport you to a most relaxing place.
  7. Fun, Games, and More – Soaking with friends?  Be sure to have some waterproof cards available for a game of Go Fish. A floating game and drink tray is helpful to hold your cards and beverages.  Party for two?  Add some floating rose lights for a romantic atmosphere and a wrap-around pillow so you can lean your heads back comfortably and gaze at the stars.

For more information on any of these accessories, contact us today for a more relaxing and happier, hot tub experience.

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