Drought-iStock-680x463If you’re a resident of California, then you were probably reminded this week of our drought as the heat wave came through. California only has 20% of normal water levels left and it has become a serious concern for everyone. Counties are taking action to conserve water and hot tub owners are being told not to use their pools and spas because they waste water. On the contrary, hot tubs and pools waste little to no water at all! Did you know that a hot tub uses significantly less water than a lawn of comparable dimensions? Because you don’t change hot tub water very frequently, its not wasting much water at all compared to gardens, lawns, baths etc. So don’t worry about the drought when using your tub! If you are still concerned, then here are some of our tips to making hot tub water last:

1. Change Your Filter and Clean It More Frequently

Making sure your filter stays clean ensures that your hot tub water stays clean and lasts longer. Your filter is responsible for removing particles in your water, so the cleaner the filter, the better it can do its job. We recommend you rinse your hot tub filter once per week, and do a deep clean once per month. If you have a large bucket to clean the filter in, then this will be a more water conservative method for cleaning the filter than just using a hose.

2. Test and Balance Hot Tub Water Twice Per Week

Testing and balancing your hot tub water frequently ensures the water stays clean. The more frequently you maintain water balance, the longer your hot tub water will last because of lack of extreme water issues. Usually hot tub water should be changed every 4 months, but during this drought you may want to consider going a little longer to conserve. Signs that your water needs to be changed include a pH level that will not balance, sanitizer that can’t reach healthy level despite adding large amounts of it, and cloudy water that won’t clear up with changes to water chemistry and clarifier. If you can still balance water properly and it seems very healthy at the 4 month mark, then feel free to keep that water until signs of water change are noticed.

3. Lower the Temperature

Lowering the temperature of the spa when its not in use can help eliminate water loss from the tub. Very hot temperatures of hot tubs can make some of the water evaporate, and this will require you to top off the tub every once in a while. By lowering the temperature and eliminating evaporation to some extent, you can lessen the need for topping off the tub.

As you have read, hot tubs and pools are not the culprits for water waste during a drought. Feel free to keep using your hot tub, but follow our guidelines to conserve as much as possible. If you have any questions about your hot tub use during the drought, then feel free to contact us at Hot Tub Things!

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