A Guide to Common Hot Tub Replacement Parts

hot-tub-partsEvery spa owner knows that ordering replacement spa parts comes with the territory. Just like any other complex machine spas break and wear out as time goes on. Luckily spas are modular, and the parts are easily replaced without having to buy a whole new one. Here are some of the most common replacement spa parts.

1. Electrical

Possibly the part that needs to be replaced by spa owners most often. Electrical components are susceptible to the moisture of the hot tub and as such these parts need to be replaced periodically. This category includes thermostats, replace relays, switches and any other components of the hot tub that are electrical.

2. Ozonators

If you have a more recent model of hot tubs, your unit probably has this. It provides an extra form of sanitation for your spa. Think of ozonators as like tires on your car. They wear out and you should replace this part every 18 to 24 months. It can be difficult to tell if the ozone has run out because your ozonator might continue to run. To determine if your unit is still working inspect the water. If you find yourself putting in extra chemicals to improve the water quality, it might be time for a replacement.

3. Filters

Filters should be inspected annualy as a part of maintenance. If the filter looks dirty after 1 year, then replace it. After 2 years, no matter how the filter looks it is a good idea to get a new one. In fact the role if a filter is so important that a dirty one can void your warranty.The ways you can tell if you need a replacement are if the fibrous material covering it is loose, if your hot tub isn’t reasonably clean, or if the middle part feels loose. Replacing your filter will save you from having to replace a more expensive pump.

4. Pumps

Speaking of pumps, they probably have the most important job in your spa: they circulate the water. Without the circulation, your hot tub turns into a pool of stagnant water. Sometimes particles can get past a filter that is not functioning correctly and wreak havoc on your pump. Other malfunctions are a motor that won’t turn, frozen bearings, a jammed impellar at the wet end, and leaks around the pump seals. If there is a problem with the bearings, it can make a whining noise. Whatever the malfunction, make sure you replace your pump immediately.

5. Hardware

This includes nuts and bolts. Of course metal is susceptible to water, so these often rust, stip out, or break. Even if your spa manufacturer used rust resistant metal, it may be necessary to trade these out periodically.

These are just a few replacement spa parts you might find yourself shopping for. Even if what you are looking for isn’t on this list, contact us, we know we have what you need.

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