Hot Tub Things New Line of Spa Care Products

HTTKitOur new custom line of spa care products is finally here! Hot Tub Things has unveiled a brand new set of spa care products that makes spa care easier than ever. Just like other big name chemical brands like Leisure Time and Baqua Spa, our Hot Tub Things products meet or surpass all EPA requirements and can be used with fiberglass, wood, and vinyl-lined spas. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality hot tub products in the industry, and our custom line of chemicals is no exception. We have carefully designed each individual product to be as simple to understand and use as possible. Each product is uniquely color coded to enable an easy to follow spa care program. Here’s a quick run down of how our chemical line works.


Color Coding Meaning

Red is Sanitizer

All products in our chemical line with a red Hot Tub Things label is a disinfectant. This includes the 2lb and 5 lb Chlorinating Granules, the 1.5lb and 5lb Bromine Tablets, and the 2lb sodium bromide.

Yellow is As Needed

Any product that has a yellow label is to be used in your hot tub as needed. For example, if you have a periodic issue with foam, then our Spa Defoamer that has a yellow label will be used for combating the foam. Products with yellow labels that are included in the as needed category are Spa Defoamer, Calcium Increaser, Jet Line Cleaner, and pH and Alkalinity Up and Down.

Purple is for Filling

Our products with purple labels are usually for a fresh fill, or start up circumstance. They would be used when you first fill your hot tub and have to do the initial balancing of the water. These products include pH Lock and Stain & Scale Control.

Light Blue is Monthly

The light blue colored labels indicate that the product is to be used monthly. These products are usually cleaners and maintenance products that help keep your spa operating in peak condition by cleaning it monthly. The monthly products include Instant Cartridge Cleaner, Cartridge Cleaner, and Surface and Cover Cleaner.

Dark Blue is Weekly

Products with the dark blue label indicate the product needs to be used weekly. This includes Oxidizing Spa Shock and Spa Clarifier. Both of these products are used weekly to help keep the water crystal clean and clear.

Overall, there are five categories or colors that the spa product can be associated with: Sanitizer, Weekly, Monthly, As Needed, and Filling.

Hot Tub Things also carries a Chlorine Start-Up Kit that includes all the chemical products you need for a fresh fill of your hot tub. It even includes a 50 count bottle of test strips that will last you long enough to get through the set of chemicals. The Start Up Kit includes Chlorinating Granules, pH & Alkalinity Up, pH & Alkalinity Down, Oxidizing Spa Shock, Spa Clarifier, Stain & Scale Control, and a 50 Count of Test Strips.

Each Start-Up Kit also includes a waterproof laminated card that explains the chemicals and how to use them, a quick start-up guide, and a full troubleshooting guide. Go ahead…throw it in the hot tub! It’s waterproof quality will ensure you’ll be able to use the quick guide for a long time to come.

If you purchased other full sized products from our chemical line instead of a start-up kit, but still want a quick waterproof guide, then feel free to mention it in your order and we’d be happy to throw one in for you!

Go to and try out our chemicals! We promise you’ll be thrilled with our new custom products. For more information on our new line of spa care products, contact us today!


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