Hot Tub Chemicals: Why Are They Important?

The most important reason to add chemicals to your hot tub is to keep it clean and sanitary.  Sanitizers kill the bacteria that flourish in warm water.  These bacteria can cause skin irritation and even illness.  Chlorine is one of the most well known and traditional sanitizers.  It is most often related to use in swimming pools, but have also been optimized for hot tubs as well.

There are a variety of products you can use to keep your hot tub water crystal clean and clear. The first is chlorine tablets and granules that can be purchased in the specified amounts for use in hot tubs. Bromine is another chemical that is added to hot tubs as a sanitizer. Both products essentially do the same job, so its up to you to choose which one you’d prefer. If you are interested in a more natural spa care system, like biguanide sanitizers, we have those options as well! Sanitizer is important, because it kills any bacteria that may be in your hot tub water ensuring that your next dip in the hot tub will be safe.

Another product necessary for hot tub cleanliness is oxidizer. Oxidizer comes in many forms and brands, but all of them do the same job. Oxidizers are meant to eliminate any organic matter in your hot tub like skin, lotions, and oils that often are the source for cloudy water. This product ensures your hot tub will look clean and clear, and will keep it smelling fresh. Without the use of this product, your hot tub could quickly become dirty which may in turn cause you to not want to utilize it for relaxation. We recommend adding an oxidizer right after spa use so it will be primed for your next use. Keep your hot tub clean with this product, so you can continue to enjoy its benefits.

pH of your hot tub water is also an important thing to check on regularly. pH is the concentration of hydrogen ions in your spa water, and a pH that is off balance can often cause skin irritations and form deposits in your hot tub. Prevent this issue by choosing a pH balancer such as pH up or down.

Changing the water every 60 – 90 days is essential to keeping your hot tub clean, and you safe.  The longer the water is used, higher levels of bacteria are accumulated and it becomes harder to fight them no matter how many chemicals you throw in. How frequently you change your hot tub water depends on your usage, but we recommend changing it at least every three months. Using chemicals will not only help you in your current use of the hot tub, but will also add to the lifespan of the hot tub by keeping all the spa parts clean and safe from costly issues. Adding chemicals to your hot tub is most importantly essential for your health, so take the time to use them.

If you have any more questions about what hot tub chemicals to use and their benefits, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. If you’d like to do a bit of your own research, then check out our learning center; it has tons of information on hot tub care.

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