Deep Clean Your Hot Tub for Summer

drain-hot-tub-featuredSummer is just around the corner, and hot summer days and nights are the best times to throw backyard barbeques and parties! If you’re planning on integrating your hot tub then make sure you give it a deep clean before inviting any guests over.

So what does a deep clean entail? It is more than just your average drain and fill you perform three times per year. A deep clean means blowing the excess buildup in the pump and jets out and getting down and dirty to detail the spa. We recommend you perform this type of cleaning once per year to keep the hot tub running in peak condition. Here is the step-by-step guide to getting the spa sparkling like new:

1. Jet Line Cleaner

Before you drain your hot tub, add a bottle of jet line cleaner to the water and circulate the spa for the time recommended on the bottle. We recommend the Hot Tub Things brand of this product, Jet Line Cleaner. This product is used to remove buildup in the plumbing of the hot tub, and you should see excess “gunk” blowing out of the jets after using this product.

2. Drain the Hot Tub

Like in your normal routine, open up the drain valve on your hot tub and leave it draining until the whole tub is empty.

3. Remove and Clean the Filter

Remove the hot tub filter and have a clean one on hand to replace the current one. When you deep clean your hot tub would be the best time to change your filter if you only do this once per year. Our best recommended practice is to keep an extra filter on hand at all times. When you remove a dirty filter, you will always have one to replace it while the dirty one gets a deep clean for a day. To deep clean, use cartridge cleaner and mix the appropriate ratio of water to product and soak the filter overnight. Another option is to use an instant cartridge cleaner; just spray on, let sit for 15 minutes, and rinse off.

4. Clean the Hot Tub

Taking a wet or dry vacuum, try to suck up any excess organic material left at the bottom of the spa or in the spa seats. When you can’t get any more, switch to a rag and wipe down the entire tub collecting leftover organics.

5. Detail the Hot Tub

Using an all purpose hot tub surface cleaner, spray a rag or the shell of the hot tub and wipe away. Make sure to get in and around the jets, inside where the filter is placed, and around the drain intake. Take off the hot tub pillows/headrests if your spa has them and clean those or replace those too. If you have some tough spots, make sure you just go over the spots numerous times. Be careful not to use anything abrasive on the tub as it can permanently damage the shell. Once everything has been thoroughly cleaned, hose the tub down and wipe it down again.

6. Refill and Balance Water 

Once everything looks clean and sparkling, close up the drain hole and refill your hot tub with water. Then balance the water with test strips, and all the necessary start up chemicals. We recommend getting the Hot Tub Things Start Up Kit, which includes all necessary items for starting up fresh hot tub water.

7. Condition the Cover and Cabinet

Once everything is done, close the hot tub cover and spray on a cover cleaner, then conditioner to protect the cover from sun and weather damage. Use a product like 303 Aerospace Protectant, as it is versatile and can be used all around the backyard and for the spa cabinet. Spray this on the spa cabinet and wipe it down too.

If you have any questions regarding how to deep clean your hot tub, or are interested in what products to use, contact us!

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