Spazazz-Aromatherapy-Crystals-24oz-2012Some spa accessories are uniquely formulated for customizing your home spa experience. Aromatherapy is an amazing way to take the pressure off and enjoy a stress relieving retreat right at home. Implementing aromatherapy into your home spa experience has great health and healing benefits you’ll soon find you simply can’t live without. Here are some suggestions on how adding aromatherapy to your home spa can aid you and your family in attaining spa bliss.

Physiological Benefits

  • Blood circulation is enhanced by aromatherapy. Circulation is specifically enhanced by the therapeutic higher temperature of the hot tub; when specific scents are added, this effect is enhanced. Also, this aids the body in releasing harmful toxins we encounter everyday.
  • Muscle and joint pain relief such as backaches, headaches, and arthritis are soothed with the aid of aromatherapy.
  • Aromatherapy has been described as a natural energy booster. Stamina and muscle fatigue are alleviated through the use of different types of aromatherapy.
  • Essential oils in aromatherapy promote a deeper better sleep for both men and women.

Psychological Benefits

  • Many feel aromatherapy boosts an individual’s overall state of well-being.
  • It is useful in calming the nervous stress of the mind.
  • Anxiety and depression are relieved and the spirit feels uplifted.
  • Some studies show aromatherapy aids an individual with short term memory cognition.

There are many types of aromatherapy products that integrate well into the home spa regimen. Spa Crystals are made up of a blend of plant extracts and essential minerals. These crystals are formulated exclusively for hot tub applications and are available in a variety of scents sure to please. Crystals Aromatherapy Elixirs such as EsCents Liquid Energy, use a delicate blend of green melon, pineapple, apple, and floral fragrances to boost the spirits and open the mind. Liquid aromatherapy used in the hot tub are most concentrated allowing the user full control over their experience. Aromatherapy beads are also commonly used. Spazazz Beads are designed to work instantly and are flawlessly crafted specifically to tantalize and energize the mind and body. Beads also are made to emit scents into the air, without leaving a residue on the skin or tub. Beads are also very versatile and can be used in your car, vacuum, or humidifier.

For more information and how to get more out of your home spa with aromatherapy, please contact us.

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