Maintenance Tips For Hot Tub Covers

CutlassVinylTopRestore13You’ve just bought that new hot tub, set it up, got the water exactly the right temperature, added the cover to protect your new relaxation station, and life is perfect. If you want to keep life perfect, don’t forget to maintain your cover. Too many people ignore their hot tub covers and wind up with costly repairs and sky high power bills because of it. Don’t ruin your fun. Here are a few easy steps to keep your hot tub cover in tip top shape and working to preserve your own private little getaway.

  1. Keep it clean. Your spa cover should be cleaned at least once a month.
  2. Most often you can simply spray it off with a garden hose. On the occasions when there is excess dirt, use a mild soap ( one teaspoon of dish soap for every two gallons of water). Be extra careful not to get any soap in your hot tub.
  3. If you want to go the extra mile and keep your cover in the very best shape possible, then condition it at least once every three months. Make sure your conditioner is made for vinyl surfaces as incorrect products can damage the surface of your cover. We recommend 303 Aerospace Protectant because it offers the most protection against fading and weathering of the cover.
  4. For people in colder areas, be sure to remove any ice or snow from your cover and check your water chemistry to make sure it is healthy which will deter mildew growth. Use common sense when removing snow and ice. Never use a rake or shovel or anything with a sharp edge that may tear your cover.

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