Imagine…the house is empty.  It’s just you and your honey looking to soak in some much needed relaxation in the hot tub.  The wine is poured, the towels are handy, and the stars have made an appearance.  The last thing you want is to struggle with the cover of the tub.  That’s why you thought to purchased a lift for your tub.  With no straining or over-exertion, a soak in the hot tub is only seconds away.

Hot Tub Things offers many different lift options for all types of hot tub covers.  The Cover Valet, the Cover Rx, and the Cover Caddy are just a few examples of what is available.  They also have lifts for round hot tub covers.  These quality lifts are long-lasting and durable and make a wonderful addition to your hot tub accessory collection.

Hot tub covers need to be replaced periodically due to water absorption.  With that in mind, hot tub cover lifts can offer an extended life to covers that have begun to hold water by allowing greater ease of removal to a heavy, water-logged cover.

Choosing which lift to purchase for your hot tub cover is as easy as using a measuring tape.  You will measure the size of your cover, and you’ll need to allow the specified clearance space beside the hot tub for the lift to rest.  The amount of clearance space needed will depend on the hot tub cover lift that you require for your size hot tub.

While you’re ordering a lift for your hot tub, why not also consider hot tub steps?  Steps can offer the same level of ease as a cover lift giving you a secure footing to enter and exit your hot tub.

Let’s face it…hot tubs are purely for our relaxation and are enjoyed by all ages and walks of life.  Investing in a hot tub is an investment in pleasure.  It’s a delightful indulgence in personal peacefulness.  Why not make every aspect of your hot tub a pleasure?  For more information, please contact us.  We can make sure your hot tub accessories are helping to make your hot tub plunges perfectly peaceful.

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