Troubleshooting Water Flow and Pump Issues

topsideAre you having issues with low water flow, or no water flow? There could be a variety of reasons, but the hot tub pump might be a cause for some of the problems you’re experiencing. Let us help you evaluate the issue with this troubleshooting guide.

Safety First: Be very careful when handling and checking the pump. Make sure you remove the power to the hot tub before beginning any inspections of the pump.


If you are just having low water flow, then a couple of components may be involved: the filter or the pump.

1. Filter: When was the last time you changed your filter? If it has been over a year, then you definitely need a new filter replacement. Change the filter and see if that helps fix any of the issue.

When was the last time you cleaned your filter? Filters should typically get quickly cleaned every month and deep cleaned every 3 months. If you haven’t been doing this, then deep clean the filter overnight, let it dry, then put the filter back in the hot tub. See if that makes a difference.

If water flow is still low, and neither filter checks made a difference, then move on to checking the spa water level and filling if necessary.

2. Pump: Disconnect the power to the hot tub and remove the suction end pipe of the pump’s wet end. Look inside to see if there is debris that might obstruct the impeller in any way. If debris is present, remove it. Check the impeller to see if it is damaged. Replace the part if damaged. If you are confused and need extra help, call your local dealer and have a certified service technician take a look.

3. Jets and Plumbing: Lastly, check your jets to make sure nothing is clogging the jets. A good option might be to add jet cleaner and circulate it in your hot tub before draining. This product will clear the plumbing of buildup so water flow returns to normal. You may see large pieces of debris flying out of the jets.



If you have no water flow, then likely the issue has to do with the pump. Here is how to assess your pump:

1. Impeller: Disconnect power to the hot tub and inspect the wet end for anything blocking or jamming the impeller. If blocked, then clean up and proceed to check if that fixed the issue. If clear, go to the next step.

2. Shaft: Check to see if you have a frozen shaft by rotating it with your hands or by using pliers. The ideal would be for the shaft to turn and spin without obstruction or too much difficulty. Get the shaft moving freely if it is stuck, and check to see if this helps fix the issue. The bearings could be worn if it is difficult to turn. Go to the next step if the shaft turns freely.

3. Capacitor: Check capacitor. Replace if defective.

4. Other Possible Issues: Burnt windings or broken centrifugal switch.

If you are still confused or are not entirely confident in fixing the hot tub pump, call a certified technician to come look at your hot tub. It is best to have a professional inspect your tub so no parts are compromised in the process of taking things apart.

This troubleshooting guide is merely a suggestion to fixing water flow. It is always best for a professional to take care of issues like this for you.

For replacement filters, pumps, impellers, and other parts, visit us at or call us for more information on parts!

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