Filter_FlosserThe filter in most people’s spa is the usually forgotten about until it’s time to think about replacement spa filters. Not only can this get costly over time, think about all that your filter protects you from. Every second that your spa is being run, the filter cleans the water of dirt, bacteria, oil, hair, algae, dead skin, bugs and more. Some routine cleaning will not only save you money, it will make your spa experience much more enjoyable and relaxing knowing there aren’t any creatures lurking in your spa with you.

Here are some guidelines that will help you keep most types of spa filter clean:

  1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for relieving pressure from filter housing before attempting any type of maintenance.
  2. Read product’s instructions for removing the filter on your particular spa.
  3. Using a garden hose with a straight flow nozzle, hold hose at a 45 degree angle. Start at the top and work your way down paying extra attention to getting in between the pleats on the filter.
  4. Rinse until all dirt and debris has been removed
  5. If your filter is coated with algae, calcium carbonate, iron or other minerals, you will need to soak it. Use one of our filter cleaning solutions for a deep clean. Mix the solution with water in a bucket large enough to cover the entire filter and soak overnight for the easiest maintenance. If you are in a rush and need a quicker clean, then use a spray and wash solution like Leisure Time Instant Filter Clean. Just spray it on, let it sit for some time, and then rinse it down.

When the time comes to replace your worn out filter, or any other spa parts contact us for the best deals available.

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