Spa Cover Lifters Make Your Life Easier

spacoverYou’ve been working all day and your back is killing you, or maybe you’ve got a wicked kink in your neck; perhaps you’ve got a physically active job and your whole body hurts. In any case, the last thing you want to do at night is wrestle with a heavy spa cover. You just want to relax and enjoy your evening.

Spa cover lifters from Hot Tub Things are just what you’re looking for. They make lifting that bulky cover an easy one person project. After all, you’ve busting your butt all day, come night all should have to do is soak it. The secret to spa cover lifters success is in their pneumatic arms. They work like the pistons that hold your car hood up or make raising the rear window in your SUV so easy.

Spa cover lifters to fit about any shape or size spa can be found; however, take the extra time to make sure the one you choose will work on your hot tub. There’s nothing more disappointing than setting up your new lifter arms and realizing they won’t work on your model.

There are many different types of lifters and each one is designed to fit different needs. Some lifter have gas shocks that help make the lifting so effortless, you only need to use a few fingers! Others lifters require a little more effort to use, but not much. For example, the Cover Caddy requires that you push the folded cover in the arms of the lifter then let it drop off the edge of your spa secure in the cover lifter arms. Each lifter also requires different lengths of clearance for proper mechanics and larger spas sometimes need additional parts to make the lifters work.

Read the product info carefully and if you’re still not sure, contact the Hot Tub Things via the link below or call a local hot tub installer for advice on choosing the right one. Once you’ve attached your lifter and use it for the first time, you’ll wonder why you ever wrestled with that heavy cover.

For a wide selection of top quality spa cover lifters, contact us today and let us get you one step closer to bliss.

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