A natural hot tub experience: Supplies

Buying hot tub supplies can be one of the most challenging parts of owning a hot tub. Some people think of all the chemicals they may have to add to their spa and become averse to idea of

having to soak in that. Others just don’t know what chemicals they may have to use, or even where to get them. And others want a more natural hot tub experience, because they are sensitive to the harsh odor and effects that chemicals can have.  There are many ways to enjoy a hot tub without the use of chemicals that can be harsh to your skin.  Here are some natural hot tub supplies that will leave you happy and relaxed every time.

  • A non chlorine oxidant product- Cense keeps your water clear and clean.  This not only improves the appearance of your hot tub, but it also prevents issues down the line as it prevents buildup and other materials to get stuck in your system.  In addition, going without such a product will eventually leave your water smelling unpleasant.  The Cense line not only cleans your hot tub, but leaves your water smelling nice with one of four select fragrances.  It doesn’t have chlorine, so sensitive skin and allergy users alike can cheer.  Do note, however, that this product will not replace the use of a sanitizer, it will enhance and supplement your current natural spa care routine.
  • Water weights and therapy provide a soft impact and natural way to build muscles without harming or damaging ligaments.  Consider the use of ankle weights if you’d like a more gentle way to approach exercise.

No matter how you choose to relax, please contact us for all your hot tub needs!

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