Maintaining your hot tub can be very expensive when you are always having to replenish your hot tub chemicals and service your spa. However, if you remember a few tips it can be easy to find the affordable hot tub chemicals and keep costs down a little. The first tip is to check our selection of hot tub chemicals on sale and see what deals you can score on general hot tub maintenance products.  Second, make sure you’re keeping your hot supplies up to date and in good condition. Finally, keep your hot tub water clean and change it regularly.

  • The first tip is to check out our selection of sale items and see if you can score a deal on a product like chlorine, bromine, or other sanitizer that generally does the same job no matter which brand you choose to purchase. In addition, check out our spa chemical kits that can often save you the money by bundling all the items you need in the perfect quantities, instead of you having to purchase them all separately.  Buying bulk can also save you a small amount of money, so take that option into consideration as well. Also think about investing in a mineral sanitizer. Mineral sanitizers last approximately 4 months and can reduce the amount of sanitizer you need to add to your hot tub by up to 50%. Think of how much sanitizing product this could save you from buying!
  • The second tip is to make sure all your hot tub supplies are up to date and in good condition. Make sure your hot tub cover is in good working condition and is not letting in any unwanted organic matter that may cause cloudy or foamy water, and require you to add more chemicals. Also make sure your hot tub filter is clean. Your hot tub filter picks up many contaminants in your hot tub water so you don’t have to work as hard to keep things clean. Sanitizer and oxidizer will still be necessary, but other chemicals like foam gone and clarifier can be eliminated by making sure your accessories are also clean.
  • The third and last tip is to keep your hot tub water clean by changing it out on a regular basis. A hot tub can be a breeding ground for bacteria, as it is hot, moist, and dark when covered. If you leave your hot tub water unchanged for a long period of time, it can begin to cause unwanted issues like foamy, cloudy water or even scum lines around the hot tub. By changing your water frequently, and maintaining good water quality by adding sanitizer, pH balancer, and shock on a regular basis, you can eliminate the need to purchase chemicals that combat issues related to poor hot tub maintenance.

Prevention of hot tub water issues is the best way to keep costs down, so you don’t have to purchase any unnecessary products to fix issues. Getting the proper hot tub chemicals for an affordable price can be hard to do, but follow some of these tips and you can be sure to eliminate some unnecessary costs. For more tips and advice contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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