master-TRC038Are you one of the many people that must cope with a painful form of arthritis? Do you also happen to own a hot tub? If so, you may want to talk to your trusted healthcare provider about hydrotherapy. It is a wonderful way to relax and increase your range of motion at the same time. There are also several hot tub accessories that can aid you in your hydrotherapy routine.

Wet bells are one hot tub accessory that you may find advantageous. Covered in water resistant foam, they feature wide center sections that are easy to grasp. Thus, you are less apt to have difficulty holding the modest weights during your hot tub session. As a result, the Wet Bells are ideal for gaining muscle strength in your wrists and hands. Just hold the bells in your hands and position your upper extremities in front of the hot tub’s massaging jets. Then slowly rotate your wrists and hands from side to side. The water’s buoyancy and heat along with the bell’s easy grip will help to make completing the exercises easier. In many instances, you’ll also feel no joint pain while you’re going through your strength building routine.

Pillow Pool Systems Seat Cushion is another hot tub accessory to consider purchasing. The cushion is designed to be inflated and secured to the hot tub’s surface with suction cups. You could use the cushion to support your coccyx and hips while you do a few leg lifts or ankle rotations. Afterward, the cushion could be deflated and easily stored in a tub side SmartBar. The SmartBar is also capable of holding other arthritis aids like bather bags and long handled grabbers.

If you have arthritis in your lower extremities, you may also benefit from a Spa Handrail. It locks into place and is capable of rotating 360 degrees. Thus, you can use it to maintain your balance when entering or exiting your hot tub. It also comes outfitted with an LED light. The light casts a lovely glow that would be soothing to look at while doing Tai Chi shoulder and neck stretches.

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