UglyHotTubCoverHot tub covers are much more important than most people realize. A good cover can improve your hot tub experience immensely. First and foremost for many is the savings on energy bills. A faulty cover will allow heat to escape thus forcing your heating system to run more and jump up your energy bill.  Safety is another priority issue. A good solid cover can help prevent children or pets from accidentally falling in. One last factor in having a solid cover is sanitation. Your cover keeps out all kinds of unwanted debris whereas a worn out one can actually attract molds and mildew.

So now we come to the ultimate question. When is it time to start thinking about replacement hot tub covers? Here are six signs you need a new one.

  1. If the vinyl is dry, cracked, brittle or torn. Worn out vinyl can’t be easily repaired and if it is brittle repair becomes impossible.
  2. Broken straps or locks. Your locks and straps are vital to your hot tub’s safety. If any are not working properly, contact Hot Tub Things at the link below immediately. You may not need to fully replace the cover in this instance, but we do have replacement locks you can buy!
  3. Sagging covers point to broken down foam cores meaning there is a leak in your seal. Puddling covers will ultimately get worse over time as the foam cores break down under the weight of the accumulating water. And remember, saturated covers will not dry out. A cover that has absorbed water needs replacing. A good sign of a saturated cover is when the cover becomes almost too heavy to lift anymore.
  4. If the hinge is torn. Heat will escape around a torn hinge.
  5. Your heat seal “shoes” keep heat from getting out by sealing the gap where the two halves come together. If it is torn, it must be either restitched or replaced.
  6. If your cover is smelly. Must, mold, mildew can all invade a cover. This is usually a result of a broken cover that has absorbed water and should be replaced.

If you see any of the listed defects in your cover, or if you simply want to upgrade, contact us and choose from our long line of top grade hot tub covers and accessories.

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  1. You have been pointing out the right things. Your above tips gave us greater ideas on when a replacement of a hot tub cover needed. Actually, safety is the first thing that should be considered. If you do not replace your defected cover then you or your child might have fallen into a risk of injuries or damages.

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