Spa Covers- An Investment You Won’t Regret

Spa CoverWhen you bought your hot tub, you were probably daydreaming about all the time you would spend in the tub, not out of it.

So why is it that now, when you want to use your hot tub, you notice things like how leaves and twigs are always floating in the water, or how often it seems that you are replacing parts just to keep it running, or that the temperature of the water is always a little cooler than you would like?

It sounds like a cover for your hot tub may help solve some of those issues.  Investing in a good spa cover can actually improve your hot tub in a number of ways- from keeping it clean to helping the parts last longer to providing better insulation and being more energy efficient.

At Hot Tub Things, we custom-make spa covers to meet the needs of your hot tub.  With specific measurements, we can create a cover, as well as the foam density, to fit your hot tub perfectly.

With a perfect-fitting cover, there will no longer be unwanted things floating in the water.  The seal that is created by having a well-fitted cover allows for better insulation, meaning your hot tub parts don’t have to work as hard to heat the water, so you benefit by continuing to have the water at the temperature you desire and getting more life out of parts that make it all work.

Take care of your spa and invest in a spa cover.  You won’t regret it.

For more information about our spa covers, contact us at Hot Tub Things today.

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