hot tub covers make spas energy efficientYou LOVE your hot tub. You HATE your electric bill. But did you know that a properly fitted hot tub cover can turn that beautiful oasis of relaxation into a green machine? Going green is all about saving the planet, making those changes that reduce your carbon footprint. And again, that is just what a hot tub cover can help you do.

  • The obvious way to save is, of course, in energy saving. With the cover properly fitted to your hot tub, you will retain the heat and cause your equipment to cycle less often, thus slowing down that electric meter. In addition, the cover will prevent debris from landing in the hot tub, that can often cause the filter to clog. The result is that your equipment runs harder and longer, trying to compensate for the clog. Preventing this issue, can prevent high electricity usage, and in the long run eliminate any unnecessary damage to expensive hot tub parts.
  • A hot tub cover also reduces the amount of evaporation, thus, saving water and dollars.

In addition to the savings that are handed to you when you use the hot tub cover, there are additional things that you can do to further save money and energy.

  • Drop the temperature a few degrees if you are not going to be using the hot tub for an extended period. Make sure that if you leave for a vacation that the cover is secure and temperature is reduced. You might also turn the jets off to save even more. The drop in temperature and jet inactivity could even result in the need for fewer chemicals.
  • Regular inspection and cleaning of the filter will help add years to your equipment. We recommend cleaning the filter about once a month, but check out our guide to cleaning your filter for more information.
  • Location, location, location. Severe weather can have an adverse effect on temperature control and evaporation, even when in use. If you have a hot tub that is installed out in the open and exposed to the elements, try using landscaping to shield your hot tub from the wind. Planting shrubs, placing boulders, or installing a gazebo or trellis, will offer some protection.

Hot tub covers will help save energy, water, and your utility bills. The investment can easily be recouped in months. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us for your perfect, customized hot tub cover today!

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