sswpillow2Spa pillows make a wonderful addition to one’s slice of outdoor nirvana. Some of the models available are designed for a particular spa. Others are more generic and crafted to be highly portable. Here’s a quick look at a few portable pillows that are suitable for use with both spas and pools:

One super model to consider adding to your collection is the TEXASREC Classic Suction Cup Spa Pillow. It is made with a contoured piece of closed-cell, vinyl-coated foam and easy on/off suction cups. Each spa pillow is 7 inches long, 10 inches wide and approximately 3 inches thick. It comes in an array of pleasing colors like teal, silver, aqua marine, navy and black. The front of each spa pillow also features an attractive palm tree graphic.

Because of the spa pillow’s design, it is easy to clean, quick-drying, comfortable and versatile. For instance, you could attach it to the smooth side wall of a freestanding spa or pool as well as a built-in. It could also easily be stored spa side or tucked into an overnight bag should you want to take it with you on vacation.

Of course the classic is not the only spa pillow available. The company also makes Super Soft Spa Pillows. They are similar in construction and size to the classics. However, the Super Soft Spa Pillows have a cushioned interior that will cradle your head and neck in comfort. They come in an assortment of colors too, including gray and white.

Both versions of the firm’s spa pillows also come in a weighted model. They are equipped with a weighted bag instead of suction cups. The weighted bag hangs over the exterior side wall of the spa and is designed to keep the spa pillow from falling into the water. Thus, they tend to work exceptionally well with freestanding spas. However, you could also technically use them with built-in spas as well. The weighted bag would just have to be placed onto the deck surrounding the spa instead of being hung over the side wall.

Those are just a sampling of the spa pillows available through Hot Tub Things. To learn more, call 1-888-251-6661 or use our website’s live chat option.

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