Top6WebAromatherapy is a key component to enhancing your spa experience at home. Studies have shown that certain scents do, in fact, alleviate your aches and relax your body from stress. Whether you want to soak in your home spa as a stress reliever or muscle relaxer, adding aromatherapy spa supplies will be very important to complete your home spa experience. Here are several suggestions to consider:


This is a very popular purple herb plant which is used as a calming agent for a bloated stomach, stressed mind, and itchy skin. Research also shows that this scent lowers your heart rate and blood pressure which makes your more relaxed. It can be useful as a sleep aid if you suffer from insomnia. A few capfuls of inSPAration Wellness Elixir Lavender can help you relax and unwind whereas SPAroma Lavender can double as a spa clarifier and aromatherapy. Say goodbye to sleepless nights!


This is another herb plant which can help with headaches as well as muscle and joint pains. AddinSPAration Wellness Elixir Peppermint Eucalyptus to your home spa and quickly alleviate any body aches. Melt away into euphoria!


This is popular in teas because it is a mild sedative to relax you before bed. However, when used on your skin it acts as an anti-inflammatory for rashes, sunburn (summer can be very harsh on your skin), and eczema. A few capfuls of inSPAration Wellness Elixir Chamomile will calm your senses and your sun-prone skin. This is an excellent end to a busy summer day!

Whether you choose to enjoy hot tub aromatherapy in crystal, liquid, or bead form, Hot Tub Things has exactly what you need to sit back and relax in your hot tub. Our personal favorite is the aromatherapy beads, because these beads are meant to release the relaxing scents through the bubbles of the tub into the air around you rather than on you in the water.

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